About the Artist

Steve Berger studied under the world renowned calligrapher and graphic artist, Edward M. Catich. He began his illustrating career in the advertising industry where he designed brand images, product packages, cartoons and architectural renderings for corporate clients.

These corporate experiences eventually led him to open up his own advertising agency, which at one time employed 23 full time employees and produced advertising for a number of Fortune 500 clients. After seven years he sold his agency to concentrate full time on painting and illustrating.

Steve is widely gaining the reputation as the “Poetic Artist” by creating paintings of fine poetic sensibility and for his virtuoso draftsmanship. The scenes in his paintings are described as ordinary places and ordinary people all set in the day of the life scenes that make up a usual workday for most people. Nothing fancy, just working class stories that are captured for the moment.

Each piece that Steve produces incorporates a unique story behind its creation and each story is connected to other stories waiting to be shared and painted. That is why a lot of his work involves a series of pieces that are connected. As they are produced they unfold to tell a bigger story. These stories are the very essence of what he paints and they continue to drive him to paint more.

The fondest memories most people have are not always about the “big event”, but the normal everyday experiences that lead up to it. As an artist, his intent is to visually capture a memory and convey it. A walk, a place, a person, a workplace, a gift, a meal…..all little things, but they are part of everyones personal life mosaic. Steve believes that to have an impact, the piece should evoke a memory, an emotion…something to be lived over and over every time that you view the art. If his work can do that, then it is a success and a meaningful piece to last over time.

His love of history shows in many of his works, whether it’s a particular building, person or place in time. He especially likes knowing that his paintings of people, events and places keep the memories of them alive for new generations.

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  1. Joan Harms-Picture Peddler

    Steve, LOVE the new farms series and the St. Mary’s piece is incredible! I am going to call the office at church and spread the word! Can you tell me how much the batter up piece retails for, couldn’t find it on your web site? Also I assume it is Clinton’s ball park? FYI I’m pretty sure they are green if it matters. Thanks Joan

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