Nye’s Restaurant

Nye's is a favorite for locals in North East Minneapolis looking for some unique atmosphere and believe me Nye's has plenty. When visiting Nye's you are never quite sure what form of entertainment will assault your eyes and ears next. For years Nye's Polynaise room has been just a fun place to have few drinks and enjoy some fantastic local "Nordeast" food.
What's happening in this print? That is for you the viewer to decide. "What just happened in this picture"? You decide, I think depending on your emotional state it will vary each time you view this print. That is what makes this print so much fun, its a story waiting to be told by you. If you visit Nye's remember customers usually ask themselves the same question when they leave, "what just happened in there?" That pretty well sums it up.

This 16" x 24" archival quality Giclee print is signed and ready to frame.
Click on the image for a larger view.

Contact Steve at steve@bergerfinearts.com for information on custom print options.


Price: $75.00


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