Remembering Those Who Serve With Art

Art That Raises Awareness To Those Who Serve
I was honored to have in the hallway of Farmington Minnesota High School during their Farmington's Patriotic Day Celebration a 40"x40" framed print of my "We The People" flag from the "Preamble Flag Series" of historic flags. Every veteran that was at the Farmington event signed their name directly on the print, although the first few were a little shy about marking the art up with their name they soon got into it. The local boy scouts would thank them for their service after each soldier signed their signature. Now that the soldiers signatures are on the print the piece will hang in the local government center where the community can see and read all the names of the soldiers who have and are serving their country from the Farmington community. The event is a collaborative effort of the Farmington American Legion, Farmington's Lions Club, Farmington Veterans of Foreign Wars, Farmington Warrior To Citizen Program and School District 192. A really nice event


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