Burlington Northern Break Time with Poem

"Tracks to Somewhere Else" Poem by Steve Berger
Railroad track, is it a beginning or an end?
Can it pull you to the horizon
Or make you pause to see what you can tend?
Ride a rail and feel the engines power
Starting out at corn covered fields
Traveling by at sixty miles an hour.
For some it's the end for others a new start
A true railroader puts their head to the rail
and just listens to their heart.
When the railroad is in you, down to the bone
These ribbons of steel are dream catchers
And they will always take you home.

This 24" x 30" archival quality Giclee print is signed and ready to frame.
Click on the image for a larger view.

Contact Steve at steve@bergerfinearts.com for information on custom print options.


Price: $130.00


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